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Flat Tile

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Our traditional concrete interlocking flat style tile is fixed on the roof in a broken bond pattern. This tile gives a clean and modern look to any home.

Available in Black, Anthracite, Brown, Red and Antique Red

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Size of Tile Overall 420 x 330mm
Minimum Pitch 17.5 degrees (for rafter length over 8 metres or sites with a high level of exposure please consult our technical department)
Maximium Pitch 90 Degrees (subject to fixing specifications)
Headlap (minimum) 75mm above 25 degrees
100mm at 25 degrees or below
Gauge (maximum) 345mm
Cover width of one tile (nominal 297mm
Covering Capacity (Headlap 75mm) 9.8 tiles / sq metre
Covering Capacity (Headlap 100mm) 10.5 tiles / sq metre
Hanging Length (nominal) 400mm
Weight per 1000 (approx) 5.45 tonnes
Recommended Batten size (see BS5534). Rafter centres up to 600mm 50 x 25mm
Recommended Nail size 50mm x 3.35mm

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