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The health and safety of all our employees, contractors and visitors on our site is our top priority.

Lagan Cement is an OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited site and is independently audited by the accreditation body SGS and the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland.

Our Health & Safety vision is that ; “zero harm should come to anyone working with or visiting Lagan Cement".

  • Health and Safety Objectives

    • To continue to build a positive Safety Culture at Lagan Cement.
    • To achieve full and open engagement of the workforce.
    • To completely eliminate accidents and ill health.

  • H&S Initiatives

    Many initiatives to drive and enhance employee engagement in our safety culture are in continuous operation. One such current one is our 5 Star Safety Scheme which seeks to reward excellent Safety performance of ‘teams’ on site while making a similar contribution to a charity of the team’s choice.
    Each team’s performance is assessed monthly across a range of essential ‘excellent practice’ safety parameters and their scores are reported monthly on site noticeboards.

    Our formal Safety policy ensures that we comply with all statutory provisions and that all daily operational procedures are robustly risk assessed.

    We have a dedicated Safety Manager who advises the management team and insures that our safety culture remains a primary focus for all employees on site. The Safety Manager also reports to the board of directors of the Lagan Cement Group and the Senior Management team on all matters of Health, Safety and Welfare.

    The many safety awards achieved in recent years by Lagan Cement Ltd are a matter of significant pride for all employees on site and these include;

    NISO: 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011
    ICF: 2008/2009
    QPANI: 2009
    MEETA, Engineers Ireland: 2010/2011


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