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Case Studies

Victorian Red Multi Project

Product: Victorian Red Multi    Location: Dalkey Manor, Ireland.
Victorian Red Multi Project

The Developer wanted a quality brick delivering a traditional style on period homes


When Lagan Brick re-commissioned the Kingscourt Brick plant in mid-2015, the market was looking for a Smooth Red multi brick which created a high end product for the developer at a cost effective price.  Kingscourt Brick has a long History and Heritage dating back to the late 19th century when Kingscourt Brick supplied a lot of the built brick in Dublin, so the team at Lagan Brick took its influence from this History & Heritage and developed the Victorian Red Multi brick.

The Solution

Ecologic Design & Build Ltd selected the Victorian Red Multi due to the fact that it is an excellent brick to compliment the original period house where the development was built. The Victorian Red Multi is a smooth brick with exquisite tonal variations which when built with granite surround windows and black roofing, creates a very traditional style of house.



Dalkey Manor, Dublin

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