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Lagan Brick is a subsidiary of the Lagan Group.

We manufacture a diverse range of clay bricks and products, and facing bricks to suit all your needs in terms of colour, texture and technical performance.

Lagan Brick has two locations in Ireland, in Cavan and Laois. Both are within easy reach of Belfast and Dublin shipping ports providing direct access to the U.K.


Lagan Brick in Kingscourt is one of the oldest clay brick suppliers in Ireland.

A tradition of brick making was established in the Kingscourt area of Cavan well before the Kingscourt factory was founded. At the factory we have original Articles of Association for the company dating back to 1943.  


This tradition was built around a unique source of clay.

The Keuper Marl clay is exclusive to Lagan Brick, while giving great strength and endurance the clay also offers subtle tones and textures to our red bricks.


The Lagan Group has recently invested in the clay brick plant at Kingscourt

Our obsession with quality is realised through our expertise and state of the art facilities. We produce the highest quality clay bricks for customers across Ireland and the UK.

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