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Lagan Products manufactures and supplies a wide range of building products throughout Ireland and the UK



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250 Dedicated Employees 250Dedicated Employees
Roof Tiles Wide Range Available Roof TilesWide Range Available
13,000,000 Clay Bricks 13,000,000Clay Bricks
5,500,000 Concrete Blocks 5,500,000Concrete Blocks

Waste is replacing fossil fuels in the cement industry

Lagan Cement's journey so far of fossil fuel replacement

Cement, Concrete & the Circular Economy

An insight into resource efficiency, co-processing and recycling

How Many Engineers Does it Take to Make a Bag of Cement?

The Cement Manufacturers Ireland created a new animation to explain how cement is made

Lagan Homes Fasthouse Timelapse

Showcasing a fantastic 15 day build project using Lagan Fasthouse and Lagan Roof Tiles and Clay Facing Bricks

Celebrating 50 Years of Operation

A look back showcasing the humble beginnings of the Lagan Group

Lagan Concrete New Mobile App

Putting real-time information into your hands

Installing a Dry Verge Roofing System

Best practice steps when installing a dry verge system

Concrete Society Seminar
Thursday 07 September 2017

Concrete Society Seminar

'What Happens When Concrete Goes Wrong' Seminar - Tuesday 10th October at NIACE, Airport Road Belfast

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Concrete Handling - A Practical Guide for Site Personnel
Wednesday 16 August 2017

Concrete Handling - A Practical Guide for Site Personnel

Good concrete handling is a vital skill for all construction workers.

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Lagan Concrete Expand their Fleet
Thursday 03 August 2017

Lagan Concrete Expand their Fleet

Meet the newest addition to Lagan Concrete!

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